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 (fĕn′əl-ĕf′rēn, fē′nəl-)
An adrenergic drug, C9H13NO2, that is a powerful vasoconstrictor and is used to relieve nasal congestion, dilate the pupils, and maintain blood pressure during anesthesia.


(ˌfiːnaɪlˈɛfriːn; ˌfiːnaɪlˈɛfrɪn)
(Pharmacology) pharmacol a drug that is used to ease congestion in the nasal passages and treat low blood pressure


(ˌfɛn lˈɛf rin, -rɪn, ˌfin-)

an alpha-adrenergic stimulant, C19H13NO2, used chiefly as a nasal decongestant.
[1945–50; phenyl + (epin) ephrine]
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Noun1.phenylephrine - a powerful vasoconstrictor used to dilate the pupils and relieve nasal congestion
adrenergic, adrenergic drug - drug that has the effects of epinephrine


n fenilefrina
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University of Florida researchers had asked the FDA to reexamine phenylephrine, pointing to their analysis showing no difference between patients taking the drug or a placebo.
After the equilibration period, two contractile responses were evoked by submaximal concentrations of phenylephrine (1 [micro]M) to elicit reproducible responses.
This communication describes a severe hypertensive crisis after topical ocular phenylephrine in a healthy two-year-old child undergoing bilateral squint surgery.
At 100 [micro]g/mL, the ring tension was approximately 25% of that produced by 1 [micro]M phenylephrine.
Topical phenylephrine increases anal canal resting pressure, and in a small, double-blind crossover study, 6 of 12 patients treated with it experienced improvements in their incontinence while 4 of 12 had complete cessation of incontinence.
This study was designed to evaluated preemptive phenylephrine 2 mg IM; in comparison with ephedrine 45 mg IM and 2 ml saline (IM) given just after induction of spinal anesthesia, in terms of hemodynamic stability, development of symptoms like nausea and vomiting and requirement for rescue IV ephedrine vasopressor therapy in patients undergoing lower segment caesarean section.
But Schering decided to keep the ingredient the same--despite the risk of lost sales--because of an internal study that reportedly suggested phenylephrine is ineffective.
7-epiclusianone was added cumulatively during the tonic contractions induced by phenylephrine (0.
The present study aimed to evaluate the effect of prophylactic infusion of a combined ephedrine and phenylephrine on maternal hemodynamic before the induction of spinal anesthesia for cesarean section.
The article concludes that Eyenovia's micro-dose delivery of topical phenylephrine achieves comparable dilation results with a dose one-quarter the volume of a conventional pipette eye dropper.