philanthropic gift

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Noun1.philanthropic gift - voluntary promotion of human welfare
economic aid, financial aid, aid - money to support a worthy person or cause
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The project would involve construction of an addition to the existing complex that will be named for Marion Anderson in recognition of an extraordinary philanthropic gift.
For years, I thought that "investment" was a peculiar way to describe a philanthropic gift because investments are made with the hope, desire, and expectation of getting something in return.
8220;A worthwhile and philanthropic gift is a unique and heartfelt way to celebrate such an amazing occasion.
This was the first time donors under the age of 30 have made the nation's largest philanthropic gift, according to the report.
If the donor intended to make a philanthropic gift to the institution, then it is a gift and should be reported," the organization's website states.
The former Howardian High School pupil made what the institution has called "the biggest philanthropic gift for undergraduate financial support in European history" with his wife Harriet Heyman.
A Birmingham retailer's PS30,000 donation to develop dance in the city is believed to be the largest philanthropic gift from a South Asian business to West Midlands cultural life.
5, 2012, mark the start of another season for the National Football League with a matchup of long-time rivals the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants, it also marked the day the NFL agreed to contribute $30 million - the league's largest single philanthropic gift ever - to the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health to study the long-term impact of brain injuries and other areas of research.
Under Wong's watch, NMU grew its fundraising and grants, including receipt of a record $5 million philanthropic gift to enhance its ability to recruit high-achieving students.
The study was supported in part by a philanthropic gift from Ann Cazalot and Clarence Cazalot.
Celebrated at the 40th Anniversary Dinner was the transformational philanthropic gift of $10 million from the Schack family and the renaming of the NYU Real Estate Institute to the NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate.