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 (fĭl′ən-thrŏp′ĭk) also phil·an·throp·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)
Of, relating to, or marked by philanthropy or charitable assistance. See Synonyms at benevolent.

phil′an·throp′i·cal·ly adv.
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Of or concerned with charity:
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I was writing a series of articles upon prison life, and had my nib into the whole System; a literary and philanthropical daily was parading my "charges," the graver ones with the more gusto; and the terms, if unhandsome for creative work, were temporary wealth to me.
Descriptive statistics - Philanthropical responsibilities D - Variables-- Philantropical responsibilities N Average Minimum Maximum Standard value value deviation Dl--I am aware of social projects developed by the institution 103 5.
Last December, Gokongwei said he intended to fully retire at 90 and focus on the philanthropical activities of the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation.
McWilliams and Siegel (2000) refer to the ethical and philanthropical perspective as corporate social responsibility defined as "the actions that appear to further some social good, beyond the interests of the firm, required by law.
Public charities in the strict sense of the term, that is, philanthropical organizations, only emerged in modern times with the coming of missionaries and foreign capital to China.
H4 There is a positive relationship between philanthropical responsibility and brand image.
Peru sides with Mexico and Brazil in the marginally better valuation of Spanish companies with its clients, workers, human rights and philanthropical activities (with median around 6 and 7 while Argentina and Chile have a median of 5).
He wants others to succeed and over the years has been involved in many philanthropical activities to help young unemployed people get jobs and training as well as giving entrepreneurs a hand up to get their businesses offthe ground.
The construction of this subject rested importantly on working-class women in at least two ways: first, the portrayals and constructions of working-class womanhood found in these movements' rhetoric provided foils against which middle-class female citizenship was defined; second, philanthropical activities aimed at "bettering" working-class women provided a sphere of public activity through which members of these movements made claims to citizenship.
THIS is with reference to Angelic's letter raising the pertinent question about whether the employment of a housemaid is servitude or a philanthropical act, (GDN May 10).
The Province is partnered with the Heirs, who share a philanthropical and financial objective with respect to protecting and promoting a licensed Anne image.