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(Games, other than specified) a German custom in which nuts containing two kernels are saved and one of these double kernels (called a philippina) is given to a person of the opposite sex. The next time the two people meet, the first one who calls 'philippina' must be bought a present (also called a philippina) by the other
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We are asked to consider the interlinked yet transnational workforce necessary for the global production of smartphones and the networks to use them: Congolese diggers using preindustrial techniques, Chinese proletarianized factory workers, entrepreneurial software engineers from the Global North, precariously employed Philippina call center workers, and Ghanaian e-waste workers.
It would later be classified Capillariasis philippinensis (Acta Medica Philippina, 1967) and recognized as such by the Center of Tropical Diseases.
196 = Charybdea philippina [Semper 1860]; Mayer, 1915, p.
Maria Louisa's younger sister of six years, Cornelia Philippina Maria (1834-1892), was also a teacher in Paramaribo and head of the first public school for girls.
Molina, an associate professor in public health at the College of Public Health of the University of the Philippines in Manila (CPH-UPM), in a recent article on Acta Medica Philippina, the national health science journal published since 1939.
Bach's daughter and secretary Anna Carolina Philippina survived, with late additions by her father, which indicate the latter's interest in amending his own father's pertinent research.
Recently, the Center invested a billion Korean won (500,000 [pounds sterling]) in Germany's world-famous choreographer Philippina 'Pina' Bausch (46) dance company and produced Rough Cut, a dance drama about Korea.
Constable, Nicole (2003), "A Trasnational Perspective on Divorce and Marriage: Philippina Wives and Workers", Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power, num.
1828 Agassiz, 1862) Zyzzyzus X Cryptogenic warreni Calder, 1888 Cnidaria Hydrozoa Leptothecata Aglaopheniidae Aglaophenia X Cryptogenic Marktanner- latecarinata Tumeretscher, Allman, 1877 1890 Macrorhynchia X Cryptogenic philippina Kirchenpauer, 1872 Campanulariidae Clytia gracilis X X Cryptogenic Johnston, (M.
He spoke about an amended salary scale prior to approval by parliament and disclosed drafting a law for domestic workers following the scandal of the Philippina worker denied proper hospitalization by her boss who literally left her clinically dead at a local hospital.
We are told about Jimmy's Philippina nanny, Dolores, who would pet and pamper him and cook the egg just the way he liked it, but who had to go when his "real mummy" started staying at home full-time; we learn also that Jimmy liked Dolores a lot and missed her (30).
The bone, found in an extensive cave network, predates the 47,000-year-old Tabon Man that is previously known as the first human to have lived in the country, said Taj Vitales, a researcher with the Philippina national museum's archaeology section.

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