philosophical materialism

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The theory that matter and energy are the only objects existing within the universe, and that mental and spiritual phenomena are explainable as functions of the nervous system of people. Same as materialism{1}.

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I personally am very comfortable with philosophical materialism.
My interest in philosophy was aroused by my passion for political struggle and the critical function of philosophical materialism.
Whether it is Aron's oversight, or (worse) that the lessons did not go far enough for the Russians themselves, this failure is unfortunate because all three issues--the historical method, the Marxist system itself, and many criticisms about capitalism--are linked by the common foundational idea of philosophical materialism.
This collection of essays presents novel interpretations of the work of French Marxist Louis Althusser, focusing on the potential and contradictions of his political vision and philosophical materialism.
And although it would seem that philosophical materialism should go hand-in-hand with a commitment to immanence, in fact this is often not the case, as matter itself takes on a transcendent guise as the ultimate locus of meaning and value.
Their work is undermined, however, by arguments for a philosophical materialism whose relevance to environmental issues is questionable.
The less convincing mode of argument is to assert that philosophical materialism must be rejected by "anyone who can think.
Blessed with perhaps the finest prose style of his generation--in comparison with which the writings of Babbitt and More seem the braying of serviceable pack mules--Santayana became the inevitable, latest incarnation of the conservative mind, in part despite, in part because of, his philosophical materialism.
The reformers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries believed fervently in their versions of philosophical materialism and evolutionary science and acted accordingly.
Arguing that philosophical materialism limits knowledge only to that which can be empirically measured or mathematically demonstrated, the pope said that that left a lot of the interesting questions unasked, let alone unanswered.
The spirit of this age of my German grandfathers was one of growing philosophical materialism and the Freie Deutsche Gemeinde (free German communities) or 'ethical culture societies' of the sort carried on for many years by Felix Adler" (4).
On the other hand, there is a bitter intellectual battle going on between religion and philosophical materialism, which grew up alongside of science.

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