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v. phi·los·o·phized, phi·los·o·phiz·ing, phi·los·o·phiz·es
To think or express oneself in a philosophical manner.
To consider or discuss (a matter) from a philosophical standpoint.

phi·los′o·phiz′er n.


(fɪˈlɒsəfaɪzɪŋ) or


the practice of explaining philosophically
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Noun1.philosophizing - the exposition (often superficially) of a particular philosophy
exposition, expounding - a systematic interpretation or explanation (usually written) of a specific topic
moralisation, moralization, moralizing - indulgence in moral pronouncements; the exposition (often superficially) of a particular moral code; "his constant moralizing drove me mad"


[fɪˈlɒsəfaɪzɪŋ] philosophising (British) n (= fine-sounding talk) → belles phrases fpl
He was anxious to cut short the philosophizing and get down to more urgent problems → Il avait hâte de couper court aux belles phrases et de s'atteler à des problèmes plus urgents.
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Their fashion of philosophizing, however, is well suited to persons whose abilities fall below mediocrity; for the obscurity of the distinctions and principles of which they make use enables them to speak of all things with as much confidence as if they really knew them, and to defend all that they say on any subject against the most subtle and skillful, without its being possible for any one to convict them of error.
Besides, you stop philosophizing when you are telling about anything.
We have seen how he passed the night in philosophizing with M.
He recognized the agreeable, philosophizing voice with pleasure.
I was somewhat dismayed at my appearance on looking in the glass: the cold wind had swelled and reddened my hands, uncurled and entangled my hair, and dyed my face of a pale purple; add to this my collar was horridly crumpled, my frock splashed with mud, my feet clad in stout new boots, and as the trunks were not brought up, there was no remedy; so having smoothed my hair as well as I could, and repeatedly twitched my obdurate collar, I proceeded to clomp down the two flights of stairs, philosophizing as I went; and with some difficulty found my way into the room where Mrs.
I have no desire that the general public should ever have access to these pages; but it is possible that my friends may, and also certain savants who are interested; and to them, while I do not apologize for my philosophizing, I humbly explain that they are witnessing the groupings of a finite mind after the infinite, the search for explanations of the inexplicable.
He drew away his eyes, directing them resolutely along one of the roads leading to the front, and resumed his philosophizing where he had left off.
When they realize that this is utterly wrong, they will start philosophizing.
At a time when public education is too often dominated by frustrating upheavals, infighting, philosophizing and failures, this place is getting it done.
What's familiar is the mix of hardboiled detective narrative and social philosophizing on African American life that makes Easy such an enduring figure and his comeback so welcome.
It is comprised of over a dozen chapters that focus on different elements of his thought: irony, philosophizing, metaphysics, ignorance and types of knowledge, the priority of definition, eudaimonia, moral psychology, love, political philosophy, theology and piety, religious experience.
As Sinnerbrink demonstrates in Chapter 1, the analytic-cognitivist approach to philosophizing on film came to the fore essentially as a systematic critique developed by Bordwell, Carroll, Allen, Smith and others of the so-called "Grand Theory".