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The branch of medicine that deals with veins and their diseases.

phle·bol′o·gist n.


(Medicine) med the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the veins


(fləˈbɒl ə dʒi)

the study of the anatomy, physiology, and diseases of veins.
phle•bol′o•gist, n.


the study of the veins. — phlebological, adj.
See also: Blood and Blood Vessels
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Upon request, a phlebologist will visit the patient's home, collect a blood sample, and provide the patient with a lab report via the app which a doctor can also easily view online.
The classification and embolisation treatment of paediatric arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) was presented by Associate Professor Kurosh Parsi, a dermatologist, phlebologist and vascular anomalies specialist.
1,2) I would recommend that such patients be referred to a phlebologist for evaluation.
A: Clinical photography is one of the most important tools a phlebologist may use to easily illustrate the progress of treatment to the patient.
Jamil Fanous, a leading French esthetic phlebologist.
He is an accomplished gynecological surgeon, phlebologist and certified Tissue Bank Specialist whose scientific accomplishments are exceeded only by his dedication to patients.
The Vein Clinics of America Marietta location is led by phlebologist Dr.
The Vein Clinics of America Alexandria location is led by phlebologist Dr.
The Vein Clinics of America Boca Raton location is led by phlebologist Dr.
Light support: 4-14 mm Heavy support: 20-30 mm Moderate support: 15-20 mm Prescription strength: 30-40 mm or above 7) Consult a phlebologist or vein specialist.