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tr.v. phle·bot·o·mized, phle·bot·o·miz·ing, phle·bot·o·miz·es
To perform phlebotomy on.

phle·bot′o·mist n.


(fləˈbɒt ə mɪst)

1. a specialist in phlebotomy.
2. a nurse or other health worker trained in drawing venous blood for testing or donation.
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Noun1.phlebotomist - someone who practices phlebotomy
skilled worker, skilled workman, trained worker - a worker who has acquired special skills


n flebotomista mf, persona capacitada para extraer sangre
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When errors occur during the collection and handling of blood specimens, significant and avoidable risks are posed to the patient and phlebotomist.
The Lions are also looking for two more qualified phlebotomist to help process the expected numbers attending clinic.
Fly on the station wall series as seven ordinary people - from a dance teacher to a phlebotomist - endure training to become police officers.
He worked in automotive management with Firestone and Montgomery Ward before working as a phlebotomist until he retired.
Editors Warekois, Robinson, and Primrose present the 4th edition of this text for phlebotomist, medical technologist, medical assistant, laboratory technician, and nurse training programs, updated to reference the most common equipment, procedures, and guidelines.
HB 5011 would require anyone who holds him- or herself out as a phlebotomist to obtain certification by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.
Graduates of the Multi-Skill Health Technician program will be prepared for a variety of medical careers, including Phlebotomist, EKG Technician, and Patient Care Technician.
Staffing levels vary at each location, ranging from a single phlebotomist at our smallest draw site to 7 phlebotomists at our busiest site.
In both in vitro and in vivo validation studies, including validation on human subjects, the device demonstrated greater than 95% first stick accuracy, and additionally outperformed human phlebotomist controls.
Patient C denied contact with frozen feeder mice or snakes, but was employed as a phlebotomist at the hospital where the two infected patients were hospitalized.
The Arrowe Park phlebotomist, 35, said: "I think women should be given the option if in a similar situation to me, my first birth was very traumatic.