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The first time she heard that form of salute used at the telephone she was surprised, and not pleased; but I told her I had given order for it: that henceforth and forever the tele- phone must always be invoked with that reverent for- mality, in perpetual honor and remembrance of my lost friend and her small namesake.
I'll phone him to bring a police dress when he comes.
Later in the day he called me up on the phone and said that, though he realized that a man's place was the home, he declined to cross the threshold again until I had got rid of Eustace and Clarence.
Osterkamp, Phone (714) 639-2381, Email kolectrs@adelphia.
To simplify things, big phone and cable companies are aggressively promoting bundles of services that appear to offer savings -- at least on the surface.
To date, USG has collected 400 cell phone numbers, which students were asked to give voluntarily.
Teachers can't take the phones home, and anyone tempted to steal a handset would soon find that it couldn't be used off school property, unlike a cell phone.
Consider what your job description might be if you had a phone capable of shooting digital movies.
Listening to the questions that Mobell Communications, the international phone company, are still being asked by people traveling to and from Japan, it would seem that the latter conclusion is closer to the truth.
When you speak into the phone, sound waves cause a disk inside the phone's microphone to vibrate.
Wave Industries is also introducing a series of Bluetooth peripherals for use with the CDP system, including the Olympia Bluetooth Headset, an earpiece that can be used with the CDP or a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to provide the freedom to talk hands-free in the home or car.
Since most falls/accidents happen in the bathroom, it is also recommended that the phone be taken into the bathroom and kept near the floor, when the user is there.