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The quantum of acoustic or vibrational energy, considered as a quasiparticle and used especially in mathematical models to calculate thermal and vibrational properties of solids.


(General Physics) physics a quantum of vibrational energy in the acoustic vibrations of a crystal lattice
[C20: from phono- + -on]


(ˈfoʊ nɒn)

a quantum of sound or vibratory elastic energy, being the mechanical analogue of a photon.
[1932; < Greek phōn(ḗ) sound + -on1]
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However, The complexity of topological phonon models precludes the application of known design algorithms.
We plan to explore multi-functionality, control of electronic and phonon degrees of freedom, and strongly correlated physical phenomena in these new 2-D semiconductors," Zhu said.
Summary: Gurugram (Haryana) [India], Dec 19 (ANI-BusinessWire India): Phonon Communications, provider of India's largest loan bot, announced the launch of a new chatbot with Aadhaar validation capabilities.
The homogeneous broadening surely plays a role, since the phonon energies in Si[O.
These are jewelry factories on the basis of the Phonon and 1-Zargarlik Korhonashi companies.
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From a mechanical point of view, this phonon movement depends on the bonding type and energy of the polymer [2].
9] investigated the effects of non-framework cations and the role of phonon scattering mechanisms on the thermal transport properties of zeolite LTA using the three- omega method over a wide range of temperature (150450 K).
The primary channel resistance limiting mechanisms, namely, trapping, Coulomb scattering, Surface phonon and surface roughness scattering will be reviewed.
The talk will address topics that include phase segregation of the alloy constituents, phonon dynamics, and the characteristics of the light emissions.
It is also used in thermal conducting applications, because it is highly crystallized, which gives faster phonon propagation than furnace carbon black.