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A sedimentary rock consisting predominantly of apatite and other phosphates.


1. (Minerals) a fibrous variety of the mineral apatite
2. (Minerals) any of various mineral deposits that consist mainly of calcium phosphate
phosphoritic adj


(ˈfɒs fəˌraɪt)

a sedimentary rock sufficiently rich in phosphate minerals to be used as a source of phosphorus for fertilizers.
phos`pho•rit′ic (-ˈrɪt ɪk) adj.
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It is most likely that the mineral Funk received was indeed phosphorite, and the apothecary in Tallinn had misled him by accident.
Its manufacture comprises the steps of mixing the phosphorite with the acid, then drying it to obtain a solid product in a reactor and finally a curing, which consists of stacking the product and allowing the acidification reaction to complete (8).
129 thousand tonnes, Apatite & Phosphorite 165 thousand tonnes, Limestone 276 lakh tonnes, Magnesite 16 thousand tonnes and Diamond 5087 carat.
Of Late Cretaceous to Middle Eocene age (around 70 Ma), the phosphate-bearing sediments consist of an alternating sequence of phosphorite, phosphatic limestones and cherts, with marl and clay beds.
Phosphate occurs in cherty dolomite of Cambrian Abbottabad and Hazara formations, and silty calcareous phosphorite of Hazira Formation northeast of Abbottabad, along the western flank of Hazara Kashmir syntaxes.
Using correlation and multivariate statistical analysis to identify hydrogeochemical processes affecting the major ion chemistry of waters: a case study in Laoheba phosphorite mine in Sichuan, China.
Uzbekistan has leading world positions in gold, uranium, copper, natural gas, tungsten, potassium salts, phosphorite, and kaolin deposits.
It produces a variety of mineral resources such as coal, uranium, lead, zinc, tungsten, molybdenum, borates, phosphorite, copper, potassium and cadmium.
The Centre has already spent about ` 350 crore as promotional grant for detailed exploration of 155 blocks of various minerals -- Copper, Gold, Bauxite, Tungsten, Limestone, Phosphorite, Diamond, etc, and established 5,600 million tonne of mineral resources through MECL.
In the nineteenth century, exploitation of Mona Island's phosphorite reserves pulled the region into the purview of the industrial revolution, as happened with countless other "remote" small islands globally (Cushman 2013).
The earliest unambiguous indication of the rise of metazoan life is preserved in the spectacular phosphorite deposits of the Doushantuo Formation of China dating to at least 580 million years ago.
122 thousand tonnes, apatite and phosphorite 173 thousand tonnes, dolomite 642 thousand tonnes, limestone 255 lakh tonnes, magnesite 17 thousand tonnes and diamond 5118 carat.