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tr.v. phos·pho·ryl·at·ed, phos·pho·ryl·at·ing, phos·pho·ryl·ates
To add a phosphate group to (an organic molecule).

phos′pho·ryl·a′tion n.
phos′pho·ryl·a′tive adj.


vb (tr)
(Chemistry) chem to cause or go through phosphorylation


(ˈfɒs fər əˌleɪt, fɒsˈfɔr ə-, -ˈfɒr-)

v.t. -at•ed, -at•ing.
to introduce the trivalent group =P=O into an organic compound.
phos`pho•ryl•a′tion, n.
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He and his team, including co-first authors Clmentine Gibard, Subhendu Bhowmik, and Megha Karki, all postdoctoral research associates at TSRI, showed first that DAP could phosphorylate each of the four nucleoside building blocks of RNA in water or a paste-like state under a wide range of temperatures and other conditions.
32]P] [gamma]-ATP to allow the kinases to phosphorylate these proteins, and the phosphorylation was terminated by the kinase inhibitor staurosporine.
growth hormones that directly target Cyclin E/CDK2 complex which on activation hyper- phosphorylate the pRb at G1.
phosphorylate and inhibit the canonical IKK-complex to prevent the hyper-activation of NF?
s6k] to phosphorylate the S6 protein on the 40S ribosomal subunit and subsequently promote protein translation initiation (23,27), cell growth is not always associated with the upregulation of [p70.
Interestingly, the phosphorylated I-[kappa]B[beta] has the ability to phosphorylate IKK[gamma], I-[kappa]B[alpha] is phosphorylated by IKK[gamma]/IKK[beta]-p complex (13), finally, IKK takes the role in activating I-[kappa]B complex.
In conclusion, we have shown that glycation with MP through the Maillard reaction and subsequent phosphorylation by dry-heating in the presence of pyrophosphate was more effective than phosphorylation alone to phosphorylate the EWP.
Some kinases such as CKI are intimately bound to the NF preparation extracted from axoplasm, suggesting it may phosphorylate ser/thr sites in the glutamine-acid-rich region of the NF tail domains and play an important role in regulating axon transport (Floyd et al.
All IFN[alpha]s and IFN[beta] bind to the same receptor and as a result, the cytoplasmic kinases JAK1 and TYK2 become activated and phosphorylate the STAT1 and STAT2 molecules.
The research team also found that the marrow-derived brain cells were well integrated in their neural environment and had the ability to phosphorylate the transcription factor CREB, a component of a major signal transduction pathway in neurons.
The dearth of 19 kDa forms of stathmin in placenta may suggest that placental enzymes actively phosphorylate stathmin.
17,18) While DNA-PK and ATM preferentially phosphorylate SQ or TQ sequence, there is a unique SQ sequence, i.

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