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1. Of or relating to light.
2. Penetrated by or receiving light.
3. Designating or relating to the layer of a body of water that is penetrated by sufficient sunlight for photosynthesis: the photic zone of the ocean.


1. (General Physics) of or concerned with light
2. (Biology) biology of or relating to the production of light by organisms
3. (Biology) Also: photobathic designating the zone of the sea where photosynthesis takes place
[C19: from photo- + -ic]


(ˈfoʊ tɪk)

1. of or pertaining to light.
2. pertaining to the generation of light by organisms, or their excitation by means of light.
3. pertaining to the upper zone of a body of water, delineated by the depth to which sufficient sunlight penetrates to support photosynthesis.
[1835–45; < Greek phōt- (see phot) + -ic]
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Adj.1.photic - of or relating to or caused by light
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huxleyi was dominant amongst the about 30 coccolithophore species present; a few more coccolithophore species were found offshore because the assemblage included deep photic zone taxa such as Florisphaera profunda and Gladiolithus flabellatus, which were not found in the shallow waters of Levante Bay.
The high of phytoplankton in the dry season may be attributed to the increase in photic depth due to solar radiation intensity as well as the reduction in input turbid materials from other tributaries of the Calabar River.
Most probably, the pineal gland converts the environmental photic, thermic and magnetic signals into information that affects the neuroendocrine system (Jankovic et al.
transport from bottom layers to the photic zone (Holdren & Armstrong, 1980; Moore et al.
The MLD, the nutricline, and the depth of the photic zone can influence primary production, affecting the availability of nutrients and the intensity of the light to which the autotrophic species are exposed.
Prevention of the adverse photic effects of peripheral light-focusing using UV-blocking contact lenses.
Supply of nutrients to the Mediterranean photic zone along a persistent front.
Objective: Life in the deep-sea ecosystems is generally dependent on the constant rain and fall of particles and matter from the photic zone and the continental shelf.
Graded responses of reflex components, possible mechanism of photic integration, and functional significance.
Research objectives and content The post-doctoral research proposal aims lo determine the functional organisation of the sensory photic pathway involved in mediating circadian entrainment in mammals.
In the Bahamas, this temperature is reached at depths of 300 to 500 m, depending on the season (Young and Cameron, 1989), and therefore larvae are unlikely to successfully migrate into the photic zone.
The elements were measured as follows:potassium , using the film photometer machine (fater electric,model 405-made in iran) andphosphore , using the method of calorimetry with spectrophotometer machine , wavelength of 880(nm) (ERMA PHOTIC 100-made in japan)The results were analysed after classification using the SAS software.