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Noun1.photographic equipment - equipment used by a photographerphotographic equipment - equipment used by a photographer  
camera, photographic camera - equipment for taking photographs (usually consisting of a lightproof box with a lens at one end and light-sensitive film at the other)
clapperboard - photographic equipment used to synchronize sound and motion picture; boards held in front of a movie camera are banged together
developer - photographic equipment consisting of a chemical solution for developing film
enlarger - photographic equipment consisting of an optical projector used to enlarge a photograph
equipment - an instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service
flash bulb, flash lamp, flashbulb, flashgun, photoflash, flash - a lamp for providing momentary light to take a photograph
flood lamp, floodlight, photoflood, flood - light that is a source of artificial illumination having a broad beam; used in photography
exposure meter, light meter, photometer - photographic equipment that measures the intensity of light
photographic material, photographic paper - light-sensitive paper on which photograph can be printed
sensitometer - a measuring instrument for measuring the light sensitivity of film over a range of exposures
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Table 58: Australia Photographic Equipment Retail Sales (USD mn), by Channel Group, 2006-2011
A camera show and sale offers the amateur and professional the opportunity to buy, sell or trade new, used and antique photographic equipment including cameras of all types, lenses, flash units, darkroom equipment, studio lighting and backgrounds, camera bags, film and more, from 10 a.
The Photographic Equipment in Japan industry profile is an essential resource for top-level data and analysis covering the Photographic Equipment industry.
Contract notice: Delivery of photographic equipment, audio-video, crime, night vision goggles and binoculars for police in lublin.
Table 23: Emerging Asia Photographic Equipment Retail Sales (USD bn), by Channel Group, 2006-2011
Contract notice: Supply telescopes binoculars and photographic equipment, supply 4x4 vehicles.
Table 23: BRIC Photographic Equipment Retail Sales (USD bn), by Channel Group, 2006-2011
is the world leader in digital imaging, precision optics, and photo imaging technology and is globally recognized for setting new standards in product design and performance for its award-winning consumer and professional photographic equipment.
Contract notice: The Supply of Photographic Equipment.
Table 23: North America Photographic Equipment Retail Sales (USD bn), by Channel Group, 2006-2011
Come meet the experts from Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Tamron, Delkin Devices and more, and sign up for free raffles for cameras and photographic equipment.

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