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A photograph made by means of a microscope. Also called microphotograph.
tr.v. pho·to·mi·cro·graphed, pho·to·mi·cro·graph·ing, pho·to·mi·cro·graphs
To photograph (an object) by means of a microscope.

pho′to·mi·crog′ra·pher (-mī-krŏg′rə-fər) n.
pho′to·mi′cro·graph′ic adj.
pho′to·mi·crog′ra·phy n.


the process of taking photographs through a microscope. Also called photomicroscopy. — photomicrograph, n.
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8% of the global demand while the remaining market share is divided between stereoscopic microscopes (23%), photomicrography microscopes (9.
Using photomicrography, dynamics of structural changes in course of interaction with the solvent has been assessed.
Photomicrography collections are rare and even rarer still is a perfect balance of artistic insights into the making of photomicrographs and the science being displayed.
From optical photomicrography it was clear that vesicles formed were of spherical shape and multilamellar.
Friday at the Science Factory Children's Museum and Exploration Dome, 2300 Leo Harris Parkway, with the focus on two new exhibitions - "Attack of the Bloodsuckers" and the "Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition"; laser shows at 6 p.
In sections on tissue processing, staining techniques, and imaging techniques, they discuss an optimized RNA extraction method from archival formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue, double immuno-histochemistry with horseradish peroxide and alkaline phosphate detection systems, duplex in-situ hybridization in the study of the gene co-regulation in the vertebrate brain, using confocal microscopy for three-dimensional imaging of neurons in the spinal cord, software-based stacking techniques to enhance depth of field and dynamic range in digital photomicrography, and other topics.
When I was a graduate student with Umbreit, we, along with Pauline Holbert, demonstrated, using electron photomicrography, the firm attachment to, and degradation of, sulfur crystals by a pure culture of Z thiooxidans (W.
He was struck by the unique colors and contrasts produced using various microscopy techniques and submitted it to the 2009 Nikon Small World Photomicrography competition.
A PHOTO of the male sex organ of a flowering plant has won the prestigious Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition.
This biography of Alexander McKay, a 19th century Scottish explorer who rose to the position of Government Geologist in New Zealand, focuses on his pioneering work in photomicrography, neo-tectonics and telephoto lenses.
An early pioneer of the telephoto lens and photomicrography, Scottish immigrant Alexander McKay was a 19th century self-educated explorer who rose to the position of the New Zealand Government geologist where he laid a solid foundation for an internationally recognized reputation for New Zealand's geological science.