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The elementary particle of light and other electromagnetic radiation; the quantum of electromagnetic energy. The photon is the massless, neutral vector boson that mediates electromagnetic interactions.

pho·ton′ic adj.


(General Physics) physics of or pertaining to photonics or photons
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Australia), photonic signal processing has the potential to overcome the electronic limits for processing ultra-wideband signals and also provides signal conditioning that can be integrated in-line with fiber optic systems.
Now, Vlasov and his colleagues Fengnian Xia and Lidija Sekaric, also of the IBM center, have unveiled a promising new type of photonic component--chains of up to 100 oblong loops.
Within this framework, the photonic crystal has emerged, becoming the subject of extensive research around the globe since 1987 when Eli Yablonovitch, at the time a scientist at Bell Communications Research, Lincroft, N.
With Common Photonic Layer, Nortel Networks is taking DWDM technology to the next level of modularity and flexibility.
The promise of photonic BC systems underscores the importance of characterizing their local optical properties, since the optical activity of single microphase domains and defect structures may dictate device function.
Photonic crystals allow scientists to control the flow of light.
Because any photonic circuit must store information temporarily, scientists have in recent years developed numerous ways to slow light pulses, effectively holding on to them for brief periods of time.
For years, researchers have been searching for ways to make photonic crystals with just the right optical properties.
That's not as rapid as standard photonic components made from more expensive materials, but the Intel workers say they expect to boost the new modulator's speed by up to tenfold.