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A light-producing organ that is found especially in marine fishes and that generates light either from intrinsic biochemical reactions or from symbiotic luminescent bacteria.


(Zoology) zoology any light-producing organ in animals, esp in certain fishes


(ˈfoʊ təˌfɔr, -ˌfoʊr)

a luminous organ of certain fishes and crustaceans.
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The suggested common name, the ninja lanternshark, refers to the uniform black colouration and reduced photophore complement used as concealment in this species, somewhat reminiscent of the typical outfit and stealthy behaviour of a Japanese ninja," said Vasquez.
Photophore terminology followed Parr (1929) and Nafpaktitis & Nafpaktitis (1969).
Adults are easily distinguishable from other ommastrephids by the presence of 2 long, luminous stripes that extend nearly the entire length of the ventral surface of the mantle; 2 paired external photophores on the anterior ventral edge of the mantle; a large photophore patch at the base of each arm IV; and a fused funnel/mantle-locking apparatus (Young & Vecchione 2009, Roper et al.
Additionally, there may be variability in ontogenetic timing of photophore formation (Gilly et al.
Some of these species have alternatively developed denticles with bristled edges arranged in low densities so that the photophore emission is not obstructed (Reif, 1978).
Photophore markings concentrated along sides of head and trunk, irregular on rest of body.
Among the mares confirmed in foal to Raven's Pass this year are Irish 1,000 Guineas winner Nightime, Wolf Cleugh (dam of Moss Vale) and Photophore, a half-sister to Elusive Wave.
Caption: In glass squid, five types of photophore cells (cross sections shown) plus a mixed cluster (far right) can produce different effects as they leak bioluminescent light.
scolopes, the little cuttlefish (or Atlantic bobtail squid), Sepiola atlantica Orbigny, (1839-1842) have a photophore (light organ), it is small (reaching up to 21 mm in dorsal mantle length (DML)), and is widely distributed in the northeastern Atlantic from 65[degrees]N to 35[degrees]N from Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and western Norway in the north to Morocco in the south (Yau & Boyle 1996, Collins et al.
The sale also presents the chance to buy full-or half-sisters to Alandi (1244; Ayla, in foal to Dylan Thomas), Septimus (1306; Escolhida, in foal to Oratorio), Sequoyah (1314; Tu Eres Mi Amore, in foal to Araafa), Red Clubs (1446; Dance Club), Bushranger (1450; Becuille), Rafha (1554; Jazz Baby), Adlerflug (1625; Aloe, in foal to Manduro), and Elusive Wave (1664; Photophore, in foal to Elusive City).
Note the numerous sharp teeth and the frontal fishing rod-like appendage, bearing a photophore at its tip to attract prey.
To stud at 4 years and dam of: Million Waves (03 f Mull Of Kintyre; Listed-placed winner), Million Spirits (04 f Invincible Spirit; winner), Photophore (05 f Clodovil; winner), Elusive Wave (06 f Elusive City; Classic winner), Wealdmore Wave (07 c Oratorio; winner).