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Vision in bright light, mediated by cone cells of the retina; daylight vision.

pho·to′pic (-tō′pĭk, -tŏp′ĭk) adj.


(Physiology) the normal adaptation of the eye to light; day vision
[C20: New Latin, from photo- + -opia]
photopic adj


(foʊˈtoʊ pi ə)

vision in bright light (opposed to scotopia).
pho•top′ic (-ˈtɒp ɪk, -ˈtoʊ pɪk) adj.


vision, or the ability to see in bright light. Cf. scotopia. — photopic, adj.
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The sensor combines a broadband visible plus infrared (IR) photodiode, an IR-responding photodiode, and a photopic IR-blocking filter on a single CMOS integrated circuit.
LKC's patentedRET eval Complete Option includes 30 Hz Flicker ERG using LKC's Sensor Strip Skin Electrodes (patent-pending), as well as ISCEV-compliant 5 and 6 step protocols, custom protocols, flash VEP, photopic negative response, s-cone, real-time pupillometry (patented), the ability to test with or without dilation, and other innovative features unique in a lightweight, handheld device at an accessible price point for clinicians.
For example, if the client wants staff to see fine spatial detail, high photopic illuminance levels are needed on the task to process the visual information quickly and accurately.
No significant differences in contrast sensitivity between groups at the photopic level were noted, but contrast sensitivity values were significantly lower for three and six cycles per degree in the LASEK group at the mesopic level.
BX-1 design includes fully multicoated lenses for enhanced photopic transmission and bright, crisp images.
These studies have tended to find that SPD affects spatial brightness and that this is not predicted by quantities derived from V([gamma]), the CIE Standard Photopic Observer, such as illuminance and luminance.
The aesthetics of cool fluorescents at nighttime are suboptimal, and while the energy savings potential of so-called scotopic lighting is demonstrable, lighting designers must currently still design to IESNA-established lighting criteria and recommendations, which are all based on the photopic luminous efficiency function V(lambda) (IESNA 2010, U.
Walks on the courses were made under two illumination conditions: photopic and mesopic.
It causes significant thinning of the outer plexiform layer, lowering of the horizontal cell count, and significant reduction in amplitude of photopic and scotopic electroretinographies.
The relation of apparent brightness to contrast threshold on a photopic background: Dependence on retinal position and size.
It depends among other things on target size and ambient light level, decreasing with increase of light level, but leveling off and hardly changing in the photopic domain.
The photopic spectral sensitivity of domestic ducks and turkeys was determined using an operant psychophysical technique.