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 (fō′tō) Informal
n. pl. pho·tos
A photograph.
tr. & intr.v. pho·toed, pho·to·ing, pho·tos
To photograph or take photographs.
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If there are too many photos, I think you stop looking at them.
These printers combine Canon's ability to produce high-quality photos and documents, with a new stylish design, that together make for a winning combination for the consumer.
Customers can copy photos directly into the frame's internal memory by inserting their flash media into the frame's integrated 6-in-1 media reader (SD, XD, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro/Memory Stick Duo, Compact Flash, MMC).
Anyone Can Submit Photos and be Part of the World's Biggest Photo Booth Powered By Corel[R] Snapfire[TM] Plus
FotoTime's integrated solution set includes FotoAlbum Pro for organizing and managing photos on your computer, FotoShare for sharing photos online with friends and family, FotoStudio for setting up an online photography storefront, and a digital lab for print and gift order processing.
Get the Most Out of Photos from Family Heirlooms to Your Favorite Pet
CEIVA is the only digital frame that can display photos instantly from a card reader and update photos automatically over a traditional phone line, wireless or broadband network from anywhere in the world.
Pandigital frames include the features that let people quickly and easily enjoy their digital photos.
Not only will you get to share your photos with the people you care about, you'll be able to amaze them with your creativity and thoughtfulness.
New CEIVA Digital Photo Frames[TM] Display Photos from Memory Cards and Images Sent by Friends and Family around the World
The advanced photo book editor enables users to easily blend photos and words to create books that are beautiful and unique, without investing hours of time or downloading a large program.
The contest is designed to encourage millions of users to share the digital photos that are trapped on their cameras, camera phones and personal computers.