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1. A sequence of words that have meaning, especially when forming part of a sentence.
a. A characteristic way or mode of expression: an apt turn of phrase.
b. A brief, apt, and cogent expression: the phrase "out of the frying pan and into the fire."
3. Music A short passage or segment, often consisting of four measures or forming part of a larger unit.
4. A series of dance movements forming a unit in a choreographic pattern.
v. phrased, phras·ing, phras·es
1. To express orally or in writing: The speaker phrased several opinions.
2. Music
a. To divide (a passage) into phrases.
b. To combine (notes) in a phrase.
1. To make or express phrases.
2. Music To perform a passage with the correct phrasing.

[Latin phrasis, diction, from Greek, speech, diction, phrase, from phrazein, to point out, show; see gwhren- in Indo-European roots.]

phras′al adj.
phras′al·ly adv.


(Grammar) of, relating to, or composed of phrases
ˈphrasally adv


(ˈfreɪ zəl)

of, pertaining to, or consisting of a phrase or phrases.
phras′al•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.phrasal - of or relating to or functioning as a phrase; "phrasal verb"


A. ADJfrasal
B. CPD phrasal verb Nverbo m con preposición or adverbio


adjim Satz
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Seen in combination with the cases that do not admit the two phrasal complements, however, they simply cast a complex film in motion, instead of a frozen picture.
Whereas the above palindrome exhibits muddled phrasal and semantic elements, the following one further illustrates examples of contrived language:
Whether with the rather diabolical linear sentence diagrams of yore or the newer, phrasal structure trees, learning grammar as a sort of abstract puzzle does not translate into performance.
However, as a current teacher of technical writing, I introduce my students to the principles of Plain English, advocating the use of "everyday" English terms, including phrasal verbs such as pull up.
In particular, weak deflationism cannot be maintained in conformity with the deflationist commitment to explaining facts about phrasal meanings in compositional terms, that is, by appeal to facts about the lexicon.
Inevitably perhaps, Chapter 8 suffers most from the constraints imposed by the format of the book: a fuller presentation of phrasal constituents, sentence types, complement clauses, or subcategorization rules, for instance, would have been welcome and, arguably, more appropriate pedagogically.
and Shakespeare point to a need for more analysis of this phrasal data.
One focus is the automatic determination of relationships between phrasal concepts.
survey results from 2005; phrasal context prediction, phrasal text input, reorder phrases in selection list based on phrase use frequency by end user, stroke and phonetic support "Pinyin" for Simplified and Traditional Chinese input.
In sections on restandardizatipon tendencies, regional standards, and crossing the borders, they consider such topics as changes from below and from above: relative constructions in contemporary Italian, how standard regional Italians set in: the case of standard Piedmontese Italian, contact between Italian and dialect in Sicily: the case of phrasal verb constructions, Italian in Switzerland: the dynamics of pluricentrism, and the neo-standard of Italy and elsewhere in Europe.
Compound verbs behaved quite differently from compound nouns, in that, while in the latter, the Compound Prominence Rule (CPR) guided stress placement; either the CPR or the Phrasal Prominence Rule (PPR) guided stress placement in the former.
Metrical projection and phrasal cadence then stand at the end points of the phrased measure, like a baseball pitcher and catcher, while the rest of the line, like the baseball itself, rides inbetween.