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intr.v. phreaked, phreak·ing, phreaks Slang
To manipulate a telephone system illicitly to allow one to make calls without paying for them.

[Alteration of freak (influenced by phone).]

phreak′er n.


(Telecommunications) the act of gaining unauthorized access to telecommunication systems, esp to obtain free calls
[C20: blend of freaking + phone]
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Phreaking was a term used to describe practices in which individuals would "study, experiment with, [and] explore telecommunication systems, such as equipment and systems connected to public telephone networks.
Their phone system is old and we found a way to get in via a basic but private phreaking technique," said Trick.
Then he added: "The conversation was tapped into via a private phreaking method, their phone system is old and we found a way to get in via basic but private phreaking technique.
He got started early, figuring out how to game the Los Angeles bus system as an alienated 1970s teenager before graduating into phone phreaking, manipulating the telephone system into serving up endless free long-distance minutes.
Tempest is a codename describing electrical, mechanical, or acoustical energy emissions from any device containing information that could affect national security (in contrast, Van Eck phreaking is the process of eavesdropping on these emissions).
The decisive moment in the rise of Microsoft may well have been the piracy of Bill Gates's first programming code by San Francisco-area hobbyists (chapter 16, "From Phreaking to Fudding").
lt;p>Hackers made headlines for breaking into phone company systems more than 20 years ago -- a practice that was known as phreaking -- but as the traditional telephone system has become integrated with the Internet, it's creating new opportunities for fraud that are only just beginning to be understood.
Aresurgence of the old days of "phone phreaking"--hacking into phone systems--led to a crackdown late last year on "swatting," a more aggressive type of phone phreaking.
Phreaking, hacking, viruses, worms, identity theft--what's next?