phylum Mollusca

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Noun1.phylum Mollusca - gastropodsphylum Mollusca - gastropods; bivalves; cephalopods; chitons
animal kingdom, Animalia, kingdom Animalia - taxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct animals
mollusc, mollusk, shellfish - invertebrate having a soft unsegmented body usually enclosed in a shell
class Scaphopoda, Scaphopoda - small class of bilaterally symmetrical marine forms comprising the tooth shells
class Gasteropoda, class Gastropoda, Gasteropoda, Gastropoda - snails and slugs and their relatives
class Polyplacophora, Polyplacophora - small class of marine mollusks comprising the chitons; sometimes considered an order of the subclass Amphineura
Cephalopoda, class Cephalopoda - octopuses; squids; cuttlefish; pearly nautilus
phylum - (biology) the major taxonomic group of animals and plants; contains classes
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Later sections cover protozoa to tardigrade, phylum Mollusca, phylum Annelida, and phylum Athropoda.
El total de taxa identificados en el Centro 1 fue de 105; 44 de estos taxa correspondieron al Phylum Annelida/ Clase Polychaeta, 28 al Phylum Arthropoda, 9 al Phylum Echinodermata, 20 al Phylum Mollusca, 1 al Phylum Nematoda, 1 al Phylum Nemertea, 1 al Phylum Platyelminthes y 1 al Phylum Priapula.
The paleontology of rostroconch mollusks and the early history of the phylum Mollusca.
The phylum mollusca is divided into nine taxonomic classes, of which Class- Gastropoda is the most important class comprising more than 80 % of all living species.