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 (fĭz′ē-ăt′rē, fĭ-zī′ə-trē)
2. Physical therapy.


(Medicine) the branch of medicine which treats people who are physically impaired or disabled


(fɪˈzaɪ ə tri, ˌfɪz iˈæ-)

also physiatrics

the medical specialty for the treatment of disease and injury by physical agents, as exercise or heat therapy.
phy•si′a•trist, n.


n fisiatría, medicina física y rehabilitación
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For each province (sourcing area) one service provider is selected to carry out functional assessment assessments conducted by psychiatry and physiatry specialists in one or more locations.
Medical Rehabilitation Associates specializes in Physiatry (Physical Medicine) and Rehabilitation, treating clients in Kentucky and West Virginia.
Physiatry, physical medicine, and rehabilitation: Historical development and military roles.
Patients undergo a comprehensive assessment by: urology, neurosurgery, physiatry, physiotherapy, and gait and wheelchair seating in older children.
It was performed case study of four patients with confirmed diagnosis of MJD, assisted at the Speech, Language and Hearing therapy department of the Physiatry and Rehabilitation Service at a hospital in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Luke's Physiatry in Spokane and Physicians Health Center in Pasco.
Experience sharing through committees, online forum, and communications were a conducted with physiatry colleagues internationally
Surgery (Access to Subspecialties) Physiatry Infectious Disease Pain Management Nursing Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Speech Language Pathology Prosthetics/Orthotics Assistive Technology Sports/Recreational/Art Therapy Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer Behavioral Health Neuropsychology Social Work Peer Support Nutrition Gait Lab Database, IT support Public Affairs Office VA Counselors Vocational Rehabilitation Driving Rehabilitation Integrative Medicine
1) Nearly two-thirds of physicians in family medicine, urology, physiatry, and radiology are burned out.
Similarly, in 1945, the American Medical Association officially established the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation, which is also known today as physiatry.
PMandR, also called Physiatry or Rehabilitation Medicine, is the branch of medicine emphasising the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of functional impairments resulting from neuromusculoskeletal disorders.