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n. Philosophy
The view that all that exists is ultimately physical.

phys′i·cal·ist n.
phys′i·cal·is′tic adj.


(Philosophy) philosophy the doctrine that all phenomena can be described in terms of space and time and that all meaningful statements are either analytic, as in logic and mathematics, or can be reduced to empirically verifiable assertions. See also logical positivism, identity theory
ˈphysicalist n, adj
ˌphysicalˈistic adj


(ˈfɪz ɪ kəˌlɪz əm)

a doctrine associated with logical positivism and holding that every meaningful statement, other than the necessary statements of logic and mathematics, must refer directly or indirectly to observable properties of spatiotemporal things or events.
[1930–35; < German Physikalismus. See physical, -ism]
phys′i•cal•ist, n.


a doctrine, related to logical positivism, that all meaningful statements, with the exception of necessary statements of logic and mathematics, must relate either directly or indirectly to observable properties of the temporal. — physicalist, n., adj.
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Noun1.physicalism - (philosophy) the philosophical theory that matter is the only reality
dialectical materialism - the materialistic philosophy of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
philosophy - the rational investigation of questions about existence and knowledge and ethics
philosophical doctrine, philosophical theory - a doctrine accepted by adherents to a philosophy
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Interestingly, he argues that the Mary argument is not good news for dualists, 'because if it were successful in undermining physicalism, it would be equally successful in undermining at least one form of dualism' (115).
It is a holistic approach based on the core assumptions of physicalism and the power of an empirical epistemology in understanding and treating emotional brokenness.
Senderwicz claims that we can see this play out clearly in the debate that grew out of Frank Jackson's knowledge argument against physicalism since it introduces mind-body dualism as a controversial relevant alternative.
For instance, he describes both Stoicism and Epicureanism as exhib iting a 'combination of non-reductive physicalism and non-dualistic interactionism.
First, he combines his nonreductive physicalism with insights from virtue ethicists (notably A.
Nonreductive Physicalism and the Problem of Strong Closure, SOPHIE GIBB
In addition, Stoljar offers an in-depth exposition of the problem, important insights into the role of physicalism in the problem of consciousness and powerful arguments against rival solutions.
Rolnick is in search of the human person, perhaps in a search-and-rescue mission of sorts, to deliver the idea of personality from the neo-Darwinists, postmodernists, and monist neuroscientists who would obliterate the concept in the name of nature, language, or physicalism.
Second, the Grand Story must be understood as an expression of physicalism.
In Czechoslovakia a few years later I had been confirmed in my behaviorism by Rudolf Carnap's physicalism, his Psychologie in physikalischer Sprache.
269) across levels, make significant progress in rectifying the reductionism found in top-down causation and in the individualism intrinsic to several modern theories of mind as well as the compositional materialism found in "non-reductive physicalism.
What needs to be explained more than anything is why inverted hue scenarios are more intuitive than other sensory inversions; and the issue of physicalism versus dualism is argued to be of only marginal relevance.

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