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tr.v. phys·i·cal·ized, phys·i·cal·iz·ing, phys·i·cal·iz·es
1. To express with the body: physicalize one's emotions.
2. To describe or interpret in physical terms: "a writer who physicalizes everything he feels" (James Wolcott).

phys′i·cal·i·za′tion (-kə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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The author analyzes the music in terms of event theme, physical setting, social context and behaviors, and musical genre, and draws on social identity issues and the concepts of capital, habitus, and fields from Pierre Bourdieu, modifying them into concepts of inter-group social capital, which includes the community resources generated through social activities that facilitate group cooperation; musical physicalization, or the physical movements that arise through music and their influences on gender relations; and grounded cosmopolitanism as an openness to cultural difference reinforced by a sense of place and a resistance to bureaucratic forces.
In the headphones we hear Hobbs's voice, accompanied by music, as we watch the two women in white jumpsuits execute a highly choreographed physicalization of the narrative.
In his staged adaptation Boaden deleted or altered episodes and characters and created a catastrophe that conformed to the melodramatic formula and to conventionalized standards of propriety, in order to avoid the difficulty of staging the psychological aspects central to the novel within the confines of the physicalization he felt was required by the stage.
Her muteness is compounded by our inability to remember her accurately, which is how I read the problem of the misplaced labia--as a physicalization of the distortions of memory.
This physicalization of Gabriel has further entrenched her own identification with the locality: she, Gabriel, and the Belmont river becoming indistinguishably merged.
The resulting physicalization of metaphysics tends in sum to trope the universe as a feeling, and a feeling less emotional or moral than sensual and ontological.
It entailed the physicalization of a story by both the sarungano and vateereri (audience).
I have always striven for the dramatization of the dance, the physicalization of emotions of the soul.
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The activities involve script examination, memorization, pacing, physicalization, focus, and delivery.
The technique was a physicalization of Hawkins's theories of dance and of art in general.
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