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1. Relating to both physical and chemical properties.
2. Relating to physical chemistry.


(Chemistry) of, concerned with, or relating to physical chemistry or both physics and chemistry
ˌphysicoˈchemically adv


(ˌfɪz ɪ koʊˈkɛm ɪ kəl)

1. physical and chemical: the physicochemical properties of an isomer.
2. pertaining to physical chemistry.
phys`i•co•chem′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.physicochemical - relating to physical chemistry
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Incorporated residue or organic fertiliser in the soil undergoes a series of processes leading to different pools of unprotected and physically and physicochemically protected soil C (Six et al.
According to [28] mobile colloids can be generated by a number of mechanisms, including precipitation of colloidal size phases, dissolution of cementation agents composed of fine-grained crystalline and poorly crystalline secondary minerals, and release from materials via physicochemically controlled dispersion processes.
An ideal internal standard is both physiologically unique relative to the composition of the test specimen and physicochemically identical to the analyte, such that recovery, separation, and ionization in each specimen are controlled and corrected: the perfect analytical control for each specimen.
Below this value, the presence of polar organic acid molecules (including the--COOH group) in crude oil products affect the concrete structure physicochemically more so than chemically.