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The chemistry of plants.

phy′to·chem′ist n.
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Noun1.phytochemist - a chemist who specializes in the chemistry of plants
chemist - a scientist who specializes in chemistry
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Phytochemist urges to design rapid but efficient method of extraction from plant source.
Mamdouh Abou-Zaid, a phytochemist at the Great Lakes Forestry Centre, will analyze the plant species for its medicinal value.
For sometime now, interest has been greatly shown in the chemical composition of some Nigerian medical plants by phytochemist, biochemist and chemist.
Further, Professor Panossian will be supported by our new Co-editor, Professor Susana Zacchino, Academic Chief of Pharmacognosy Area at the National University of Rosario (Argentina), also an excellent phytochemist specialized in the field of Antifungal Natural Products and Synergy Research.