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phytogenesis, phytogeny

the origin and evolution of plants. — phytogenetic, phytogenetical, phytogenic, adj.
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The power and utility of morphological characters in systematics: a fully resolved phytogeny of Xenosaurus and its fossil relatives (Squamata: Anguimorpha).
Phytogeny enables the study of evolutionary processes in organisms.
PFGE does not reflect phytogeny, and it lacks the resolution to distinguish bands of nearly identical sizes.
Our phytogeny confirms earlier studies that the Araneae spiders contain opsins from three of the nine major opsin lineages present in the bilaterian ancestor (Ramirez et al.
In the same intellectual tradition is the reconciliation of evolutionary and developmental biology, sparked in large part by Stephen Jay Gould's Ontogeny and Phytogeny (1977), which documents the often ugly legacy of recapitulation theory and the alternatives offered by heterochrony.
Host phytogeny constrains cross-species emergence and establishment of rabies virus in bats.
Phytogeny and taxonomy of Archilejeunea (Spruce) Steph.