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The smallest unit of a plant that can grow into an entire plant.

[New Latin, from Greek phuton, plant; see phyto-.]

phy·ton′ic adj.


(Botany) botany a unit of plant structure, usually considered as the smallest part of the plant that is capable of growth when detached from the parent plant
[C20: from Greek. See -phyte]


(ˈfaɪ tɒn)

the smallest part of a stem, root, or leaf, that, when removed from a plant, may grow into a new plant.
[1840–50; < Greek phytón a plant]
phy•ton′ic, adj.
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Phyton Biotech has achieved a major milestone in connection with the manufacture of thapsigargin, an inhibitor derived from the Thapsia plant that is the active agent for the investigational prodrug mipsagargin.
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Mae'r enw Symphytum yn dod o'r gair Groeg symphis a'i ystyr ydi tynnu esgyrn at ei gilydd a phyton, sef planhigyn - felly planhigyn sy'n gallu asio esgyrn.
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A partir de las caracteristicas fisicas de la plataforma y los subconjuntos de datos requeridos para mover cada uno de los servomotores se desarrollo un entorno de simulacion en Phyton con el fin de cubrir expectativas de movimiento en cuanto a simulacion en ambiente real; para esto el paso inicial fue disenar WordSpace 3D usando la libreria vPython de Python para entornos 3D (Pina, 2007).