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also pi·as·tre  (pē-ăs′tər, -ä′stər)
1. A unit of currency equal to 1/100 of the primary unit of currency in Egypt and various other countries of the Middle East.
2. Piece of eight.

[French piastre, from Italian piastra, thin metal plate, from Latin emplastrum, medical dressing; see plaster.]


or pi•as•tre

(piˈæs tər, -ˈɑ stər)

1. a monetary unit of Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan, and Syria, equal to 1/100 of a pound.
2. the former peso or dollar of Spain and Spanish America.
[1605–15; < French piastre < Italian piastra thin sheet of metal, silver coin (short for piastra d'argento, literally, plate of silver), akin to piastro plaster]
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Noun1.piaster - a fractional monetary unit in Egypt and Lebanon and Sudan and Syriapiaster - a fractional monetary unit in Egypt and Lebanon and Sudan and Syria
fractional monetary unit, subunit - a monetary unit that is valued at a fraction (usually one hundredth) of the basic monetary unit
Egyptian pound, pound - the basic unit of money in Egypt; equal to 100 piasters
Lebanese pound, pound - the basic unit of money in Lebanon; equal to 100 piasters
Sudanese pound, pound - the basic unit of money in the Sudan; equal to 100 piasters
Syrian pound, pound - the basic unit of money in Syria; equal to 100 piasters
2.piaster - 100 kurus equal 1 lira in Turkey
Turkish monetary unit - monetary unit in Turkey
Turkish lira, lira - the basic unit of money in Turkey
asper - 20 aspers equal 1 kurus in Turkey
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Tenders are invited for Repairing of old damaged RCC chajja, column, beams, old spalled external piaster, replacement of old damaged MS railing, GI pipes, rainwater pipes and external painting of A, B.
The prices of both diesel and kerosene also went up one piaster to JD0.
Keynote public lectures during the conference will be given by Lauren Piaster (Hong Kong Baptist University) and Yang Huilin (Renmin University of China), looking at James Legge from Western and Chinese perspectives respectively.
The bank also removed a 1 percent commission on foreign currency purchases, and reduced the cap on Egyptian depreciation during its foreign currency auctions to 1 piaster (1/100th of a pound) from 0.
8 million bricks, 500 cords of limestone and granite, 56,000 square meters of piaster, and 3,700 cubic meters of concrete.
Hollister has begun a 7,414 s/f interior/exterior renovation and replacement of an existing dome, asbestos remediation and piaster ceiling refurbishment.
Supply of wrapping paper for the 25 piaster coins, the 50 piaster coins & the one pound coin.
Next, the remainder of the masonry parts have been stripped and reformatted internally with a rationalised structural pattern of beams and columns, finished throughout in off-white piaster, with Striegauer granite floors at ground level in the public spaces, and existing tiles retained wherever possible.
The dollar price was down by one piaster recording LE 17.
replacement of wornout tiles art piaster in back side verandah at Craigdhu-4 & 14 and repair of caging Has at enterance and covering of sides at Longnvood-24 in connection with M/R to Def Pool Quarters at Longwood and Craigdhu at Shimla dg 2016-17.
The dollar exchange rate dropped one piaster recording LE 17.
The price of 1 KW for the said segment is now 65 piaster.