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A series of variations on a martial theme or traditional dirge for the highland bagpipes.

[Scottish Gaelic pìobaireachd, pipe music, from pìobair, piper, from pìob, pipe, from Middle Irish píp, from Medieval Latin pīpa, from Vulgar Latin *pīpa; see pipe.]


(ˈpiːbrɒk; Gaelic ˈpiːbrɒx)
1. (Music, other) a form of music for Scottish bagpipes, consisting of a theme and variations
2. (Music, other) a piece of such music
[C18: from Gaelic piobaireachd, from piobair piper]


(ˈpi brɒx)

a series of martial or dirgelike variations for the Scottish Highlands bagpipe.
[1710–20; < Scottish Gaelic piobaireachd piper music, derivative of piobair piper]


A Scottish word for a piece of bagpipe music.
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Noun1.pibroch - martial music with variations; to be played by bagpipes
martial music, military march, military music - brisk marching music suitable for troops marching in a military parade
References in classic literature ?
But Robin only held out his hand as if to ask for silence, and struck into the slow measure of a pibroch.
In spite of her immense age (three, years), it rang between the canon-like frames as a pibroch rings in a mountain pass; the fanners changed their note, and repeated it up in every gallery; and the broad-winged drones, burly and eager, ended it on one nerve-thrilling outbreak of bugles: "La Reine le veult
The very last scene of the film is confusing at best, as Chris appears to be seeking personal solace in a lone pilgrimage to the standing stones (themselves minimised as a trope in the film), while a disembodied piper seems to have popped out for a quick pibroch (as you do), to play 'The Flowers of the Forest'.
Pibroch is a form of music played on what instrument?
Finally, welcome back to Malcolm Stewart's sweet-toned violin on a medium price Hyperion reissue where he plays Sir Alexander Mackenzie's Concerto and the Pibroch Suite, Victorian romanticism of a high order.
Pibroch is a form of music for which traditional instrument?
Will Ye No Come Back Again and Pibroch of Donald Dhu are played earlier in the film but I think the tune you refer to is Lord Lovat's Lament.
OK, a 4am pibroch may be deemed a bit much - unless of course it's Ne'erday.