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 (pĭk′ə-dĭl′ō, pē′kä-dē′yō)
n. pl. pic·a·dil·los
A spicy Spanish and Latin American dish made of seasoned ground meat and vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, and onions.

[American Spanish, from Spanish, minced meat, diminutive of picado, mincing, from past participle of picar, to prick, to mince, from Old Spanish, from Vulgar Latin *piccāre, to prick; see pique.]






(Cookery) cookery a traditional Latin-American dish that contains ground meat, tomatoes, vegetables, and other regional ingredients, used as a filling, for example in tacos
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The Tasteless Group, meanwhile, is opening three stores by month's end: Pizza Express, a London import serving freshly made pizzas; Bad Bird, known for umami fried chicken which started at the Century City Mall and has since expanded to SM Megamall and Serendra; and Cuba Libre, which will serve typical homemade Cuban dishes like albondigas, picadillo and adobo, paired with flavored rice and sides such as black beans, sweet potato fries and fried plantains.
con un picadillo fino de jamon, espolvoreado con las almendras
Si me desobedecen, grrr, grrr, nam, nam, seran picadillo.
Ena Lucia Portela, escritora residente en Cuba, nos presenta una lista de lo que los editores extranjeros consideran como la "realidad cubana", que ella tendria que incorporar a su obra para vender: "El periodo especial, los apagones, la miseria, el picadillo de soya, los balseros, las jineteras, la cosa gay, la brujeria, la guerra de Angola .
Thus, a remake of the traditional beef picadillo --here with turkey--adds red wine, fresh tomatoes, and capers to the traditional picadillo made with peppers, onion, and spices; and a classic Fish Tacos is served with a lively chipotle pepper syrup made with pineapple and fresh guacamole.
Goya continues to expand its offerings, introducing a line of seasonings, including fajita and Picadillo packets.
Obras multiples y variadas entre las que encontramos Salir al mundo de Berta Hiriart, Martina y los hombres pajaro de Monica Hoth, Juanete y Picadillo de Hugo Salcedo, y Alegria la loteria de Tere Valenzuela, para mencionar unas cuantas de caracter infantil.
They returned with exotic dishes like black bean soup, arroz con pollo (rice and chicken), and picadillo, a wonder of lightly spiced ground beef with olives and raisins.
Here is one of the great dishes of the Cuban diaspora,'' wrote Sam Sifton in his tribute to picadillo, which was first published in The New York Times Magazine.
8220;NOM's chile relleno starts with roasted Poblano peppers stuffed with pork picadillo and then smothered with a tomato-chili sauce.
La opcion mas comoda es llevar la comida preparada o ir a sodas ubicadas al costado de la carretera (que conduce a Quepos), pues en estos lugares un almuerzo promedio, tipo "casado" con arroz, frijoles, ensalada, picadillo de verduras, algun tipo de carne, platanos maduros, tiene un costo de $5,00 (2.
My mother's arroz con pollo, fideo, picadillo, or cooking in general.