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a. A pirate.
b. A pirate ship.
2. See picaro.
intr.v. pic·a·rooned, pic·a·roon·ing, pic·a·roons
To act as a pirate.

[Spanish picarón, augmentative of pícaro, picaro; see picaro.]


(ˌpɪkəˈruːn) or


archaic an adventurer or rogue
[C17: from Spanish picarón, from pícaro]


(ˌpɪk əˈrun)

1. a rogue, vagabond, thief, or brigand.
2. a pirate or corsair.
[1615–25; < Sp picarón, augmentative of pícaro picaro]
References in classic literature ?
The only circumstance that throws anything like a vague light on this mysterious matter is a report which prevailed of a strange, foreign-built shallop, with much the look of a picaroon,[1] having been seen hovering about the Sound for several days without landing or reporting herself, though boats were seen going to and from her at night; and that she was seen standing out of the mouth of the harbor, in the gray of the dawn, after the catastrophe of the money diggers.
10 (2m 3f 110yds, PS6,000 added): 1 MIDNIGHT LIRA (J Best) 8-1; 2 PICAROON 25-1; 3 MIC'S DELIGHT (IRE) 9-1.
Thus many pirates became a combination of slaver, privateer and pirate, and by the 183os, the term picaroon had come to mean both pirate and slaver.
With outsider Picaroon setting a strong pace in Friday's race before Damien Murphy took up the running on the Jimmy Mangan-trained Oscar Delta three out, Sweeney kept his cool and conserved Salsify's energy until producing him at the last to battle it out with the high-class Chapoturgeon, winner of the Jewson Novices' Handicap Chase at the 2009 festival.
Christie ' s Foxhunter Steeplechase - Betfred bet: 6 Chapoturgeon, Cloudy Lane, 13/2 Salsify, 9 On The Fringe, 10 Merchant Royal, My Flora, 12 Roulez Cool, 14 Barbers Shop, 16 Boxer Georg, 20 Enter Paraside, Rowdy Rampage, 25 Just Amazing, 28 Herons Well, Keenans Future, 33 Blackstaff, Bradley, Eleazar, Not Before Eight, 40 Count Salazar, Oscar Delta, Picaroon, 50 Surenaga, Theatre Diva, Turko.
Tim's five-year-old Destroyer Deployed, ridden by Richard Johnson, landed the bumper (National Hunt flat race) at Fontwell and Abbi's seven-year-old Picaroon, partnered by Mrs Alex Dunn, won the ladies' open race at the Albrighton Hunt Point-To-Point Steeplechases at Chaddesley Corbett, where Sally Randell took the open maiden on How Nice.
The Somerset raider has been raised 7lb for that comfortable strike but he should still have too much in the tank for main dangers Picaroon and Ginolad.
You're The Top looked to be going well when he misjudged the penultimate flight while the 7-2 favourite Picaroon gradually faded after leading for much of the journey.
We have always known there were colourful characters among the vagrant population, picaroon tricksters such as Bampfylde-Moore Carew, but so what?
For me skiing down the Picaroon trail underneath the gondola was pure magic.
compartment within the larger Picaroon Field area, at a depth of
5-2 Blackstaff, Count Salazar, Eleazar, Picaroon, Surenaga, Turko.