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n. pl. pic·ca·lil·lis
A pickled relish made of various chopped vegetables and hot spices.

[Probably alteration of pickle.]


(Cookery) a pickle of mixed vegetables, esp onions, cauliflower, and cucumber, in a mustard sauce
[C18 piccalillo, perhaps a coinage based on pickle]


(ˈpɪk əˌlɪl i)

n., pl. -lis.
a pungent relish made of chopped vegetables, mustard, vinegar, and hot spices.
[1760–70; earlier piccalillo Indian pickle; obscurely akin to pickle]
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Noun1.piccalilli - relish of chopped pickled cucumbers and green peppers and onion
relish - spicy or savory condiment


[ˈpɪkəˌlɪlɪ] Nlegumbres fpl en escabeche, encurtidos mpl picantes


nPiccalilli pl
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Jonathan Moseley asks them to create a topiary tree and Thane Prince wants to taste prize-winning pickles and piccalillis on the show bench, before one of the teams is asked to leave the competition.
This week the six remaining pairs must impress the judges by presenting them with the perfect aubergine, the sunniest sunflowers and tickle their taste buds with the perfect piccalillis and pickle.