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n. pl. pice
A unit of currency worth 1/64 of a rupee, formerly used in India.

[Hindi paisā; see paisa.]


n, pl pice
(Currencies) a former Indian coin worth one sixty-fourth of a rupee
[C17: from Mahratti paisā]


(ˈpaɪ sɑ, ˈpeɪ- for 1; ˈpɔɪ ʃɑ for 2 )

n., pl. -se (-seɪ) -sa, -sas.
1. a monetary unit of India, Nepal, and Pakistan, equal to 1/100 of the rupee.
2. a monetary unit of Bangladesh, equal to 1/100 of the taka.
[1955–60; < Hindi paisā]
References in classic literature ?
Kim warmed to the game, for it reminded him of experiences in the letter-carrying line, when, for the sake of a few pice, he pretended to know more than he knew.
Ishtihan treasure consists of Pice and is based a little more than three rupees.
Meanwhile, the PICE Qatar InterColor Basketball tournament Finals will be held at Al Wakrah School gym on May 30, at 7:30am.
The basketball competition at Muharraq Club meanwhile featured four teams representing PSME, PICE, the IIEE, and UAP and this time it was the IIEE team who emerged victorious.
We have also demonstrated that this inhibition is due to the ability of PICE in blocking the TNF-[alpha]-induced expression of ICAM-1, VCAM-1 and E-selectin on HUVECs.
But the pice de rsistance came in the climax of the Jamie/Frankie/Danny lovetriangle.
Well," Pluribus went right on talking, "the missus wasn't able to catch them foxen so she went back to the kitchen and began throwing dish and some freshly made pice at them critters.
It lowers the residential rates substantially, provides for residential and commercial recycling, protects the city from a legal standpoint at the landfill, guarantees landfill space into the future, provides a green-waste processing site at Sunshine Canyon, and gives the city a valuable pice of property for open space and recreational purposes.
Also in the mix: canny director Stephen Deuchar (poached by the Tate from the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, in 1997); head of exhibitions Sheena Wagstaff (back in her London home after work in the US); a $50 million-plus extension and refurbishment program; and some radical exhibition plans promising to combine vintage character (the best of Constable, Turner, and Wright of Derby) with more than a dash of contemporary s pice.
A pice of 1/2-inch plywood, about 23 inches square (depending on which shape you choose; see diagrams on these pages)
ACROSS 1 A SHIPPER 5 PICE 9 OARED 10 LOG LAIR 11 PEEK 12 TO INFECT 14 INGRES 15 BOULES 18 POOR LAPS 20 TONK 23 COUNTER 24 MERIT 25 DRAT 26 OUTRIDES DOWN 1 HARKS 2 CORPSES 3 SHOE 4 IGNORE 6 LOPIT 7 ANY DICE 8 FRETFUL 13 ON GUARD 14 ERUPTED 16 MUNDANE 17 EATAGU 19 DOURO 21 TROUT 12 13 15 16 17 1920 21 22 24 23 21 23 11 21 3 3 4 4 22 3 3 5 14 22 23 23 24 4 14 22 5 3 21 KRISS KROSS 8 10 6 7 8 6 FOUR BY FOUR 3 9 9 5 FREE 10 4 7 6 3 4 5 6 7 3 4 4 3 3 5 7 PUZZLES OUT PULL-Inside