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But to pick apart someone's technique, their bowling stats because of one or two games, having played more than 100 Test matches, is very harsh.
Rich in forensic and psychological detail, with a unique depth of characterisation, each of the films pick apart a murder in all its terrible complexity, hearing the story from every angle and casting the viewer as a jury-member forced to decide on guilt and innocence.
Instead of abusing Carney, his critics must pick apart his argument.
He has the ability to pick apart defences with a single pass and sees things other players don't.
I can pick apart the race 100 different ways, but just getting in the water and racing was something I was looking forward to.
The senior Conservative attempted to pick apart the case for Scotland becoming a state in its own right during a speech to an invited audience in Edinburgh, which included consular representatives from other nations.
But they gave up hope of finding any more survivors a week ago and are now using heavy machinery to pick apart the ruins and uncover the bodies buried inside, CNN reported.