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a baseball play in which a base runner, caught off base, is tagged out by an infielder on a quick throw.
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Noun1.pick-off - a baseball play in which a base runner is caught off base and tagged out
baseball play - (baseball) a play executed by a baseball team
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What makes this pick-off play succeed is an accentuated charge by the first baseman.
29 ERA), who has committed to Arizona and is expected to be selected during next week's Major League Baseball amateur draft, hurt the ankle as a baserunner while heading back to first base on a pick-off attempt.
This machine can be retrofitted to most batch off systems and works best with an automatic pick-off and indexing pallet conveyor, providing total automation to the final batch off process.
Auxiliary equipment includes pinion stand, pick-off rolls, stretch rolls, embossers, roll openings, quick changer, and computerized controls.
Poly (21-9) first scored when Narbonne pitcher Ivan Lopez overthrew first base on a pick-off attempt, allowing Luis Estrada to score from second base.
1-mil accuracy, pinion stand, roll openings and changer, pick-off rolls, stretch rolls, roll crossing and bending, and computer controls.
affiliate's stadium, where he managed the past two years, first basemen have a hard time receiving the ball on pick-off attempts early in games.
The text is full of great little insights like working file count in close ball games, pick-off variations, preparing mentally between starts, etc.
Angels shortstop David Eckstein, left, tags out Boston's Mark Bellhorn in a pick-off attempt to end a Red Sox rally in the second inning.
AS BASEBALL COACHES, all of us have won or lost games by the way we implemented our critical bunt and pick-off situations.
Sylmar had a share of the distractions when shortstop David Madrigal left with a cut to his left cheek after Roosevelt shortstop Edgar Sedano tagged him hard on a pick-off play in the top of the fifth.
Catcher receives a pitch from the pitcher and throws to the 1st baseman as for a pick-off play.