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1. A pointed stake often driven into the ground to support a fence, secure a tent, tether animals, mark points in surveying, or, when pointed at the top, serve as a defense.
2. A detachment of one or more troops, ships, or aircraft held in readiness or advanced to warn of an enemy's approach: "The outlying sonar picket ... was to detect, localize, and engage any submarine trying to close the convoy" (Tom Clancy).
a. A person or group of persons stationed outside a place of employment, usually during a strike, to express grievance or protest and discourage entry by nonstriking employees or customers.
b. A person or group of persons present outside a building to protest.
v. pick·et·ed, pick·et·ing, pick·ets
1. To enclose, secure, tether, mark out, or fortify with pickets.
a. To post as a picket.
b. To guard with a picket.
3. To post a picket or pickets during a strike or demonstration.
To act or serve as a picket.

[French piquet, from Old French, from piquer, to prick; see pique.]

pick′et·er n.


nStreikposten m
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One prominent picketer made it clear that this group was not a 'yellow crowd.
Steinem later discovers that a vocal pro-life picketer of the clinic has undergone an abortion at the facility.
Chakwal -- City police Chakwal nabbed a liquor seller and a picketer in two different operations.
My father acquired citizenship of Kyrgyzstan, but other family members can't acquire it," the picketer said.
Although there are marked differences between the Burnie and Lyttelton industrial disputes, the similarities of police and picketer interaction are significant.
The pledge-a-picket campaign invites Planned Parenthood supporters to donate a fixed amount per picketer, so that each crusader trying to turn back a Planned Parenthood patient adds a few dollars to the clinic's ability to help that patient.
While the First Amendment confers on each citizen a powerful right to express one-self, it gives the picketer no boon to jeopardize the health, safety, and rights of other's.
Through them--by becoming a picketer at abortion clinics, 7-11 stores, and other places the NFD targeted, including my video stores--she received the emotional acceptance she had needed.
But the protesting farmers claimed the sheep had "accidentally" got into the building One picketer, from Co Westmeath, carried a sign which read "Ramming the Taoiseach".
Akun had nothing to do with escape of crime boss Aziz Batukaev from Kyrgyzstan, he was not involved into that though he was dismissed based on this accusation, the picketer said.
And it makes a difference; Hinchey tells of a woman who noticed the sign held by weekly picketer Emidio Galea as she walked towards the abortuary.
The strike was marred by violence, including the death of a picketer by electrocution when he tried to cut power to an agency distribution center.