pickled herring

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Noun1.pickled herring - herring preserved in a pickling liquid (usually brine or vinegar)
herring - valuable flesh of fatty fish from shallow waters of northern Atlantic or Pacific; usually salted or pickled
rollmops - a pickled herring filet that has been rolled or wrapped around a pickle
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Doubts remain about the argument--it would be good to know more about how these developments clashed with or complemented the achievements of the Arabs--but in spite of that the result is more lasagne than pickled herring, a multilayered, complicated, dense book that demands time to read and be digested but rewards by giving one plenty to chew on" ANTHONY SATTIN
This is about world food served with a Scottish twist - fresh and seasonal (the pickled herring was fabulous) and all embracing, from the French vinegar dressings to the Middle Eastern cheeses, Syrian herb salads and Tuscan breads.
You can't buy pickled herring as fresh or delicious.
The flagship Acme brand is known for a diverse offering of traditional smoked fish and pickled herring specialties in both retail and food service sizes.
Who invented the daily grind, A heartless body with a dirty mind, Certainty in all its glory, Pickled herring in this island's story.
Neptune Manufacturing prepares, processes, packs, holds and distributes ready-to-eat smoked and salt-cured (pickled) fish and fishery products including pickled herring, smoked steelhead trout, smoked turbot/halibut, smoked whitefish, smoked salmon and smoked mackerel.
But there's always pickled salmon, pickled herring, pickled black cod, plus Scandinavian foods.
The average visitor to Denmark is not likely to eat at Noma--reservations are almost impossible to get and prices are high even by Danish standards--but there are countless opportunities throughout the country to enjoy traditional and New Nordic Danish dishes ranging from the world-renowned wienerbrod pastry to rye bread topped with pickled herring.
Chunks of Ukrainian-style, lightly salted bryndza cheese; pickled herring or lox; lemony tahini and a bowl of sweet Iraqi date molasses might follow.
All you need for a touch of authenticity while at your computer is a curry, burger, pickled herring, umbrella cocktail or a pint of Guinness.
Hungover Germans saddle up to katerfruhstuck, or "hangoverbreakfast," which comprises a raw, pickled herring wrapped around pieces of gherkin and onion.