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n.1.One who makes pickles.
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You'll find sessions on beekeeping, organic farming, and, of course, cheesemaking, along with goods from local bakers, meaderies, picklers, and rival cheesemakers.
I've been watching the Picklers for years,' said McFadden, who was sixth at the Pac-10 meet last year, and owns a PR of 5,428 points.
With Johnson and the Picklers representing the top tier of competition, McFadden is expected to battle Arizona sophomore Shevell Quinley, Stanford sophomore Lauren Stewart and USC freshman Shana Woods for the next four spots.
She will be challenged by seniors Diana and Julie Pickler, identical twin sisters who compete for Washington State.
Louis de Kock told growers at the British Onion Producers' Association conference that its packhouse, which already has a throughput of 350 tonnes a day including brown onions and picklers, was being expanded to double the size and could compare with an equivalent operation in the UK.
There are many authoritative resources available for the aspiring picklers.
Area tailgate markets also usually host a few artisan picklers.
LG Cup qualifying - Stan James: Evs J Cope v 8-11 S Pettman, 8-15 N Walker v 11-8 A Mahitthi, 4-6 B Jones v 11-10 C Gilchreest, 2-5 S Maguire v 7-4 K Poomjang, 6-6 B Picklers v
Dry lubrication lines are typically attached to picklers so heat in the strip from pickling can be used to dry the film prior to recoiling.
The skin of picklers is often bumpy with soft spines, and many varieties produce chubby, blunt-ended fruit 1-1/2 to 4-1/2 inches long.
Bush Baby', a pickler, was the most vigorous, longest-lived, and largest--not compact by our measurements.