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1. A person who picks locks, especially a thief.
2. An instrument for picking a lock.


1. (Law) a person who picks locks, esp one who gains unlawful access to premises by this means
2. (Tools) an instrument for picking locks



1. a person who picks locks, esp. a burglar.
2. an instrument for picking locks.


[ˈpɪklɒk] Nganzúa f
References in classic literature ?
Try again," whispered the count, who depended on the secret spring, which was unknown to the picklock, clever as he might be -- "try again, you have a few minutes' work there.
Also recovered were two stolen vehiclesa Toyota HiAce (TQA 117) and a Nissan Patrol (AJG 111)several picklocks and other tools.
But Biblicists, though sometimes narrow, sometimes ask broader questions, and the picklocks should too.
An alarm to detect picklocks has been developed by the Metropolitan Police Department in an effort to curb the growing number cases of thefts based on picked locks, department officials said Monday.
Ben Picpican, who had just been ordered released for further investigation by the Quezon City Prosecutor's Office on charges of robbery, possession of picklocks and malicious mischief, had introduced himself as "Arthur Bino" following his arrest on Jan.