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Noun1.picknicker - a person who is picnickingpicknicker - a person who is picnicking    
eater, feeder - someone who consumes food for nourishment
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Simultaneously, the Sharjah Municipality has intensified inspections to prevent littering and environmental damage by picknickers.
Cigarettes not crushed out and fires set off by picknickers and shepherds are the other factors causing forest fires.
The Impressionists At Leisure" by art historian Pamela Todd not only showcases a series of Impressionist paintings ranging from Renoir's picknickers in the countryside, to Degas' elegant race goers, to Morisot's opera enthusiasts, it also includes a broad and original selections of lesser known works, as well as excerpts from diaries and letters revealing the artist's own interests, passions, pleasers, and attitudes about their work and the subjects they chose to paint.
ELECTRIC Picknickers have more to look forward to with yesterday's announcement of more bands.
With biodegradable plates, cups and cutlery, picknickers can enjoy eating outdoors without leaving a lasting reminder in the local landfill.
His vantage point is a useful one, as for most of the crowd, except those perched on the odd rocky outcrop, the far side of the course is but a rumour, obscured by picknickers.