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Noun1.picnic ground - a tract of land set aside for picnickingpicnic ground - a tract of land set aside for picnicking
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As the time passed, I worked as boy-helper on an ice-wagon, set up pins in a bowling alley with a saloon attached, and swept out saloons at Sunday picnic grounds.
They have restored 1000 metres of paths, improved the picnic ground and earlier this year completed a new bridge which spans a burn and replaces a walkway which was in poor condition.
The much-anticipated new natural playground at the Stradbroke Road picnic ground will also be completely opened for use at the end of September.
Big data is a libertarians philosophical picnic ground.
Some locals and workers are now wondering whether this Freeport was still safe for tourists and locators after another foreigner was found dead inside a car parked near the picnic ground with its engine running around midnight over the weekend.
End-of-the-world aesthetics aside, the old plaza makes for a perfect picnic ground.
The picnic ground next to the beach is also empty now, but that's because families are mixing it up at the fast-food joint.
Derwentside District Council and Durham Police were in dispute over the cancellation of Allensford Show, on a picnic ground just off the A68 near Consett, County Durham.
Dozens of officers were yesterday searching the area around the wrecked van and a picnic ground where it was first spotted.
The 20-acre plot at Essington is expected to be used by families and their children as a play area and picnic ground following Peter Vernon's gift.
Bustos park will also be spruced up to bolster tourism in the area which is a favorite picnic ground during summertime.
Brookfield wanted that piece of land because it included Point of Pines, "a recreation center and picnic ground much frequented by Brookfield people for years.