picolinic acid

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pic·o·lin·ic acid

 (pĭk′ə-lĭn′ĭk, pī′kə-)
A carboxylic acid derivative of pyridine, C6H5NO2, that is an isomer of niacin. Biosynthesized from tryptophan, it serves as an important chelating agent to assist in digestive uptake of beneficial trace metals. It is also produced and used industrially in the manufacture of herbicides.

[picolin(e) (from the fact that it is derived from an isomer of picoline) + -ic.]
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protein synthesis and is also metabolized to important compounds such as niacin and picolinic acid.
When chromium is bound to picolinic acid to create chromium picolinate, absorption in the body is significantly improved.
To answer your other question, all zinc picolinate products contain zinc attached to picolinic acid, which acts as a well-absorbed carrier.