picric acid

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pic·ric acid

A poisonous, explosive yellow crystalline solid, C6H3N3O7, used in explosives, dyes, and for etching copper.

picric acid

(Elements & Compounds) a toxic sparingly soluble crystalline yellow acid used as a dye, antiseptic, and explosive. Formula: C6H2OH(NO2)3. Systematic name: 2,4,6-trinitrophenol See also lyddite

pic′ric ac′id

(ˈpɪk rɪk)
a yellow, crystalline, water-soluble, intensely bitter, poisonous acid, C6H3N3O7, used chiefly in explosives.
[1850–55; < Greek pikr(ós) bitter + -ic]
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Noun1.picric acid - a yellow toxic highly explosive strong acid; used in high explosives and as a dye and in chemical reactions
acid - any of various water-soluble compounds having a sour taste and capable of turning litmus red and reacting with a base to form a salt
acide picrique
kwas pikrynowy
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The munitions freighter, built in England in 1899 and purchased by the French shipping firm Compagnie Generate Transatlantique, carried 2,300 tons of wet and dry picric acid, 200 tons of TNT, 10 tons of gun cotton, and 35 tons of benzol.
11 Afterwards, the ovaries were preserved in Bouin's fluid for 12 hours followed by immersion in 70% ethanol saturated with lithium carbonate, to remove excessive picric acid.
In a May 19, 2009 email sent from then deputy chief and current fire department chief Kevin McCarthy, the New Jersey State Police's bomb squad removed half a pound of picric acid, an explosive likened to TNT, from the Heller site.
Other reagents such as bromine phenol blue, xylene, ethanol, formaldehyde, acetic acid, picric acid, orchid agent, bleaching agent, hematoxylin, eosin and ultra pure water were domestic and analytical pure.
Serum creatinine was estimated by modified Jaffe's kinetic reaction with initial rate colorimetry and single reagent density by using picric acid.
Serum creatinine was determined by picric acid - sodium hydroxide method and the data along with height, weight and age of respective subjects, was processed to estimate Cr-cl using computer program based on Cockroft-Gault formula [8].
To determine the PAGS, another set of samples was etched with a saturated aqueous picric acid solution with the addition of a wetting agent, sodium alkylsulfonate (Teepol) [10].
The lactose contents of the milk sample were determined by Picric acid method (Awan and Rehman, 1997).
The percentage of type I collagen on the bone tendon insertion was calculated by Picric acid Sirius red staining and image analysis.
ESTIMATION OF URINARY CREATININE BY JAFFE'S METHOD (9,10): PRINCIPLE: Creatinine reacts with picric acid in alkaline medium to form a reddish yellow complex, intensity of which is directly proportional to the concentration of creatinine in the specimen and can be measured at 520nm (Green filter).
Dr Cotton revealed that during the First World War, DNP was sometimes used to fill armourpiercing shells as a mixture with picric acid, known as Shellite or Tridite.
MELINITE A Sugar filigree B Explosive made from picric acid C Green marble who am I?