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Noun1.picture frame - a framework in which a picture is mountedpicture frame - a framework in which a picture is mounted
framework - a structure supporting or containing something
moulding, molding, border - a decorative recessed or relieved surface on an edge
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He was once more Mastro Geppetto, the wood carver, hard at work on a lovely picture frame, decorating it with flowers and leaves, and heads of animals.
For while we were talking there came on me a curious feeling that we were repeating some scene of the past, and that I was really some outlaw, found in the woods like Robin Hood, and that he had really stepped in all his plumes and purple out of the picture frame of the ancestral portrait.
The sophistical comfort came in reflected gleams from the decayed furniture, the raggcd brocade upholstery of a couch and two chairs, a footwide cheap pier glass between the two windows, from one or two gilt picture frames and a brass bedstead in a corner.
On every side the gilt of picture frames or the glint of sunlight through the filmy mesh of lace curtains flashed in her eyes.
The firelight flickered from point to point, gleaming on the white and green coats of Gog and Magog, on the sleek, brown head of the beautiful setter basking on the rug, on the picture frames on the walls, on the vaseful of daffodils from the window garden, on Anne herself, sitting by her little table, with her sewing beside her and her hands clasped over her knee while she traced out pictures in the fire--Castles in Spain whose airy turrets pierced moonlit cloud and sunset bar-ships sailing from the Haven of Good Hopes straight to Four Winds Harbor with precious burthen.
There were dirty trays, and wine-coolers en permanence on the sideboard, huge dirty gilt cornices, with dingy yellow satin hangings to the barred windows which looked into Cursitor Street-- vast and dirty gilt picture frames surrounding pieces sporting and sacred, all of which works were by the greatest masters--and fetched the greatest prices, too, in the bill transactions, in the course of which they were sold and bought over and over again.
The results are great, and with picture frame chalkboards, you can choose whatever size you need, change prices throughout the season, and clearly display the cost of your goods
Simply choose the style, size, and orientation of a custom picture frame and include any special personalization requests.
A NAVY hero's ashes have been turned into a picture frame to ensure he will always be part of his daughter's home.
Bissan Gallery is a Doha-based-art and picture frame company specialising in the manufacture of picture frames and paintings, sculpture on wood, traditional souvenirs of Qatar and design of all types of frames.
Purchase this ornate hanging picture frame and have it fitted with internal glass, or frame a remnant of your favourite piece of fabric.
A British Columbia jury found them guilty of importing and trafficking the picture frame drugs in October 2005, but the verdict was overturned on appeal, and the second trial held last month.