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Noun1.picture rail - rail fixed to a wall for hanging picturespicture rail - rail fixed to a wall for hanging pictures
rail - a horizontal bar (usually of wood or metal)
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According to Michele Boddewyn, president of the architectural firm, the firm designed new walls to meet the height of the library's picture molding, and duplicated the existing picture molding.
I have a bunch of family photos to hang, but since I live in a 1907 building with concrete walls, I have to hang them gallery-style from the picture molding.
Some of the many custom features include cherry floors, tile roof, sweeping staircase with custom lighting, picture molding, pet room, oversized hobby room with built-in storage, stacked crown moldings, 3 fireplaces, stone exterior with brick accents, balconies, extensive covered patios, wood paneled elevator, 4-1/2 garages with port-cochere, full apartment with private entrance, 4 full pantries, laundry room/serving kitchen.