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Noun1.picture postcard - a postcard with a picture on one sidepicture postcard - a postcard with a picture on one side
mailing-card, post card, postal card, postcard - a card for sending messages by post without an envelope
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It was this figure that her husband saw when, having reached the polished Sphinx, having entangled himself with a man selling picture postcards, he turned; the stanza instantly stopped.
There are also around 20 auction houses which specialise in picture postcards and some 70 picture postcard collectors clubs.
ISN'TTHIS an interesting picture postcard of Liverpool city centre?
We have had picture postcard scenes, terrific examples of snow sculptures and also photos capturing just how bad the weather has been.
Had I been in possession of a picture postcard, I would have been able to send one from Meols to ice cream vendors saying: "Wish you were here".
Come on council officials, I see you spending thousands on a picture postcard roundabout at the Park Road junction.
Brian Lund, editor of Picture Postcard Monthly magazine, says: "We're not sure why this particular 1910 street scene caused such a stir but topographical postcards - showing street scenes and social life in villages or towns - are always popular, along with Titanic stuff and general shipping.
With the frost covering the trees and fields, it was a perfect example of our beautiful Welsh countryside, a real picture postcard advertisement for tourism.
He then woke the residents of the other five thatched cottages in the picture postcard village of Stanford in the Vale, Oxfordshire, and helped them to safety.
A PICTURE postcard winter scene from almost a century ago shows Derby Park, Bootle, shrouded in a thick mantle of snow.
com, a converged Internet content provider in the collecting and antique space, lets collectors send an electronic picture postcard to fellow collectors via the Internet.
Supporters of the "Cancel Mansell" campaign marched around a mile from the centre of the picture postcard village of Dunkeswell in east Devon to the Dunkeswell Kart Racing Club, owned by Nigel Mansell, where a race day was being held.