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Perfect or ideal, especially in appearance: "the sort of picture-perfect New England town that has served writers of eerie stories ... so well" (Eric Scigliano).
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This portable handy companion fits in your travel bag on business trips and makes short work of wrinkles, letting you head to meetings in picture-perfect form.
That's nearly enough to get me high She added: "If you give me a marijuana leaf I'm like the picture-perfect image of an American woman.
More picture-perfect science lessons; using children's books to guide inquiry, K-4.
A publication of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), "More Picture-Perfect Science Lessons: Using Children's Books To Guide Inquiry, K-4" is the collaborative work of Karen Ansberry (a classroom teacher and science curriculum coordinator for grades 5 and 6, Mason City Schools, Ohio) and Emily Morgan (science consultant for the Hamilton County Educational Service Center, Cincinnati, Ohio).
while Beals was too picture-perfect in her purplish Gucci dress to continue on to the roller coasters.
That finding could prove good news for mainstaining golf courses, sports fields, and other picture-perfect lawns.
He allows himself a positively romantic impulse with the use of old glass plates, complete with air pockets, to somewhat counter the tendency to be all too picture-perfect.
We're watching episode 1 of Welcome to the Neighborhood, ABC's addictive new reality show, in which seven "diverse" families compete to move into a Texas-size house on a cul-de-sac in a picture-perfect suburb of Austin.
But what really got the judges' juices flowing weren't the picture-perfect designs on picture-perfect plots.
That all the performers looked picture-perfect yet moved freely in their biblically inspired costumes is a credit to Santo Loquasto's designs.
University of Oregon sophomore Lucius Wheeler works on a term paper for his literature class Thursday on a picture-perfect fall day outside Condon Hall on the UO campus, where many came outside to soak up the unseasonably warm sunshine the region has been experiencing despite very frigid nights.
Don't have picture-perfect skin worthy of a close-up?