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Any of various units of weight used in southeast Asia and China and equal to 100 catties, especially a Chinese unit equal to 133 1/3 pounds (about 60 kilograms).

[Malay pikul, to carry the heaviest load a man can carry.]


(Units) a unit of weight, used in China, Japan, and SE Asia, equal to approximately 60 kilograms or 133 pounds
[C16: from Malay pīkul a grown man's load]


(ˈpɪk əl)

(in China and SE Asia) a weight equal to 100 catties, or from about 133 to about 143 pounds avoirdupois (60–64 kg).
[1580–90; < Malay pikull the maximum load a man can carry]
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Noun1.picul - a unit of weight used in some parts of Asia; approximately equal to 133 pounds (the load a grown man can carry)
weight unit, weight - a unit used to measure weight; "he placed two weights in the scale pan"
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One cartload of the enemy's provisions is equivalent to twenty of one's own, and likewise a single picul of his provender is equivalent to twenty from one's own store.
A circular has been received by the last mail from Batavia, signed by fifteen of the most influential firms in that city, stating that, in consequence of numerous complaints of sugars made by the so-called centri-fugal process, and shipped from Sourabaya and the other ports at the eastern end of the island, rapidly deteriorating in quality, even during the voyage to this country, they have united to establish a difference in price of 2 florins per picul of 133 lbs.
In response to media enquiries on the recent supply of live pigs from the Mainland, the bureau said 3,889 live pigs were imported today, and the average wholesale price ranged between $1,650 and $1,830 per picul.
His four sons imitated him and, since the five of them occupied high posts that earned each the maximum salary of two thousand piculs a year, he was called - punning on his family name, Shi, which also means "picul" (equivalent to around 30 kg under the Former Han) - "Lord of Ten Thousand Piculs.
The Sango Gold is of a very superior quality and bears a higher price than most of the other Gold hereabouts; a Picul of Gold Dust is in excess of 1,100 Bunkals, one Bunkal is the weight of two Spanish Dollars.
Elsewhere the Sarawak Gazette noted that a considerable number of Muruts had between them brought the fairly considerable weight of 35 and 40 piculs of gutta percha to market for trade and that: